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Leadless Pacemakers | Best Cardiologist in Delhi

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Unlike traditional pacemakers which are directly implanted into the person’s chest with leads connecting to the heart, leadless pacemakers are directly placed into the heart, the top cardiologist in Delhi explained the difference.

Apart from that, leadless pacemakers are:

  • Less invasive: A leadless pacemaker is implanted via a vein in the patient’s leg which is why there is no need to make a chest incision or surgical pocket. And because of this very reason, the procedure does not leave a bump or scar on the skin under the clavicle bone.
  • Small: Have you observed the size of a vitamin capsule? That’s how big a leadless pacemaker is, the best cardiologist in Delhi explained. Compared to its conventional counterparts, it is 93% smaller.
  • Self-contained: Unlike transvenous pacemakers, leadless pacemakers are self-contained which means there are wires running from another device to the heart. This eliminates the possibility of any medical complications after the implantation, the top cardiologist in Delhi confirmed.

Let’s address other important questions surrounding this subject:

Who Requires a Leadless Pacemaker ?

As per the best cardiologist in Delhi, patients who require pacing but do not want surgery are the candidates for leadless pacemaker implantation. Specifically, patients suffering from bradycardia (or slow heart rate) need this procedure. Patients who have had infection in previous implant, who have venous access challenges because of previous surgery or anatomical variation or shunts made for dialysis are ideal candidates for Leadless Pacemaker as it saves them from open heart surgery. After conducting a series of medical tests such as an echocardiogram, reviewing your heart rhythm and medical history, your doctor will determine if you can go through with the procedure.

How Long Does the Leadless Pacemaker Implantation Take?
Dr. Vanita, the top cardiologist in Delhi, suggests that the procedure typically requires 15 minutes to complete. However, this is subjective to the experience and skills of the implanter.

What Happens After the Leadless Pacemaker is Implanted?
You will need to rest keeping your leg straight for 3-6 hours post-procedure. This is necessary to avoid bleeding from the access site, the best cardiologist in Delhi advised. During this time, you shouldn’t force yourself to sit.

Moreover, a nurse will place a sterile dressing on the access site (your groin area) to prevent infection. After a chest X-ray and device check, you’ll be discharged from the hospital the next day morning, according to Dr. Vanita.

What Are the Advantages of Leadless Pacemakers Over Transvenous Pacemakers?
Apart from the benefits mentioned earlier, you don’t need to limit your upper body movement after the implantation. Since there are no generators and wires in leadless pacemakers, you are free to move your upper body muscle comfortably. The risk of infection is nil as there are no leads and no pockets made for leadless pacemaker.

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