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The coronavirus pandemic has drastically changed the world as we once knew it, significantly affecting our health, wellbeing, finances, and social collaborations.

The operating rooms in hospitals have come a full circle - from being closed or reallocated as intensive care units (ICUs) for covid patients, to intermittent and regular use as we progress towards a new normal.

The pandemic has affected health care infrastructure in many ways and subsequently often led to delays of nonurgent surgeries. If you are scheduled for a procedure that is not urgently needed (elective surgery), your heart specialist may recommend delaying to protect your health and limit the spread of Covid-19 infection. If having surgery urgently is what is best for your health, hospitals and healthcare workers are taking full precautions and careful steps to keep you safe. It is important to weigh the risk of delay against benefit of moving ahead with surgery, says the best cardiologist in Delhi, Dr. Vanita Arora.

If you have been advised to go ahead with the procedure, it is extremely important to take extra precautions and follow the instructions given to you by your cardiologist. This will increase your chance of recovering smoothly during this pandemic.

Prevent Infection

Post any heart procedure, the body is in a weakened state and less able to fight off infection, including COVID-19. Take full precautions to avoid exposure to the virus in the first place by:

  • • Staying at home as much as possible.
  • • Wearing a face mask and covering your mouth and nose properly.
  • • Maintaining physical distance of 6 ft. from others.
  • • Washing your hands regularly with soap and water for 20 seconds OR sanitizing.
  • • Avoiding any type of physical contact with people who are unwell.

Limit Your Caregivers

While it is important to have someone at home to help you after surgery, it is also advised to limit your caregivers to one or two people. Make sure your caregivers are not unwell and they follow the covid guidelines to prevent the spread of virus.

Schedule Follow-up Appointments

You may need follow-up appointment with your cardiologist after your surgery. Your heart specialist will advise whether an in-person appointment is needed or not, however, it is recommended to schedule appointment well in advance and opt for video consultations to minimize the risk of transmission of COVID‐19.

Keep an eye out for the following:

  • • Chills or fever
  • • Extreme Fatigue and severe headache
  • • Chest pain similar to what you had before surgery.
  • • Constant bleeding from an incision
  • • Irregular heartbeat
  • • Problem in breathing
  • • Nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea.

Please consult the best cardiologist in Delhi if you have any of the above symptoms.

Stay Positive and Eat Healthy

It is normal to feel different and emotionally exhausted after a heart procedure. To help combat any anxiety, take deep breaths, do stretching or meditation. Take break from news and social media and talk to your friends and family often. Eating healthy and well-balanced meals will help you recover and heal your body faster. With proper guidance from the best cardiologist in India, you may also start easy exercises gradually.

If you have symptoms of a heart related problem, book an appointment with the best cardiologist and heart specialist in India – Dr. Vanita Arora. She is the most renowned interventional cardiologist in India with more than 25 years of experience and many accolades and awards under her umbrella. To book an appointment with her, call at 9873879994 or send a message on her website www.drvanitaarora.com

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