Top Reasons Why Heart Attacks Are Increasing in Indian Youth

Heart Attack Reasons by best cardiologist

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The first decade of the 21st century brought rapid changes in the modern lifestyle – some better while others for the worse. With more convenience and technology, an increasingly sedentary lifestyle has contributed to the rising cases of cancer, heart attack, and stroke

For many years, the typical high-risk age group was 45 years and beyond. However, in India, the younger population (between 25-35 years of age) is becoming increasingly susceptible to cardiac diseases. In this blog post, the best cardiologist in South Delhi explains the top reasons why young Indians have become victims of the modern-day lifestyle.

  • 1. Role of Diabetes
    India has over 70 million diabetic people and that includes the younger generation as well. Even though genetics have a big role to play here, poor diet and prolonged hours of sitting are causing this chronic disease. Compared to healthier individuals, diabetic people are more likely to develop cardiovascular diseases, says Dr. Vanita – a prominent cardiologist in Delhi NCR.

  • 2. Consumption of Tobacco
    Tobacco consumption is a major risk factor that’s causing an increase in heart attacks in Indian youth. Research indicates that 26% of cardiac diseases in younger people between 30-44 years of age are caused by tobacco use.

    Nearly 16% of deaths caused by heart diseases are consequences of smoking. It’s because tobacco can cause a build-up of plaque inside the blood vessels. This often leads to clots thereby increasing the chances of stroke and heart attacks.

    According to the best cardiologist in South Delhi, tobacco can narrow or thicken your blood vessels which in turn elevates the risk.

  • 3. Inadequate Sleep
    Besides eating habits, an inactive lifestyle is also increasing the danger of heart attack in Indian youths. They aren’t getting enough exercise while eating foods high in saturated fats and sugar.

    Such diet causes bad cholesterol to rise and that puts additional pressure on the heart as well as the liver. Apart from that, the excessive consumption of salt does not bode well for a healthy heart in young people.

    Coupled with stress, a disrupted sleep pattern can affect the body’s mechanisms that control hunger, metabolism, and blood pressure says the best cardiologist in Delhi NCR. Moreover, inadequate sleep causes obesity, diabetes, and hypertension.

It’s Never Too Late to Begin
Going through a life-altering ordeal as a heart attack leaves you terrified – a natural consequence. That said, you do have the power to make a change now and prevent any such circumstances again in the future.

The best cardiologist in Delhi NCR encourages you to incorporate an exercise routine, healthy diet, and proper sleep to turn your life around. By doing this, you can significantly lower your chances of a heart attack in the future.

Challenge yourself to achieve the best version!

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