What Are Symptoms to Get Pacemaker

What Are Symptoms to Get Pacemaker

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 A pacemaker is a computer-operated, battery-powered medical device implanted for correcting slow heartbeats, it’s surgically placed right under the collarbone beneath the skin. Electrodes (wires/leads) from the pacemaker are then connected to the patient’s heart, Dr. Vanita explains.

These electrodes carry the electrical impulses from the pacemaker to your heart, the best pacemaker doctor in India informs. When the computer chip under the collarbone detects slow abnormal rhythms, it automatically generates impulses to rectify the problem.

A pacemaker is used for treating bradycardia (exceedingly slow heartbeats), as well as atrial fibrillation with slow heart rate. 

Here are the signs that you may require a pacemaker as explained by the top arrhythmia specialist in Delhi:

You Feel Fatigued

If you constantly feel fatigued, it may be because your heart isn’t pumping blood as efficiently as it should, Dr. Vanita suggests. Extreme fatigue after climbing a few stairs or walking a few steps indicates that you might have a problem and that you could be recommended pacemaker treatment.

The recommendation is, of course, based on accurate diagnosis. But at this level of fatigue, it’s best to check in with the best pacemaker doctor in India.

You Experience Palpitations or Pounding

Intense pounding or palpitations in your chest is not a good sign. It may be indicative of atrial fibrillation or other forms of arrhythmia. And if it’s detected, pacemaker implantation can be one of the possible treatments.

Note that palpitations or pounding in chest don’t have to occur only during physical exercise. You can also experience them at rest, the widely respected arrhythmia specialist in Delhi clarifies.

You Get Short of Breath

Breathlessness is another common symptom that may signify the need for a pacemaker. If you feel short of breath while doing little to no activity, it’s time to consult the best pacemaker doctor in India.

You Have Chest Pain

Pain in the chest shouldn’t be taken lightly. You must seek advice immediately as chest pain may suggest heart disease or even a heart attack. Depending on what your diagnosis is, the condition may be treated with the help of a pacemaker, the renowned leadless pacemaker doctor says.

You Often Get Lightheaded

If you frequently feel lightheaded or dizzy, it may be due to your heart not functioning properly. However, it can also happen when you stand up too fast from a lying or sitting position. Lightheadedness can also be caused by hyperventilating, low blood sugar, or low blood pressure.

Falls or Loss of Consciousness

If you have had falls with or without loss of consciousness it is serious and one of the life threatening symptoms requiring pacemaker implantation.

If you checked most symptoms off the list, it’s necessary to fix an appointment with the best arrhythmia specialist in Delhi. Some of the pacemaker symptoms listed above, like loss of consciousness require immediate medical attention.

Suffering From Arrhythmia?

Dr. Vanita is an M.B.B.S., MD – Medicine, and DNB Cardiology. She is also a pioneer leadless pacemaker doctor in India. Currently serving as an interventional cardiologist and senior consultant cardiac electrophysiologist at Apollo Hospital, Delhi, she has treated scores of heart patients over three decades.

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