Choosing Best Cardiologist in Chandigarh

Best Cardiologist in Chandigarh

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Choosing a trusted doctor for the first time can be an overwhelming experience and often daunting. A lot of questions go through one’s mind, will this doctor listen to my concerns? Will the doctor spend appropriate time answering my questions clearly and with patience? Do they have the medical experience, technology and compassion needed to manage and treat my diagnosis? These are all valid concerns that go through one’s mind when thinking about getting medical care for the most important organ of the human body which is the heart. When it comes to your heart you need to ensure that you choose the top cardiologist for your treatment as life may not give you a second chance. This blog aims to solve your worries and provide you solution in choosing the best cardiologist in Chandigarh based on trusted facts and knowledge. The blog features a renowned cardiologist’s name in the medical world, nationally and internationally.

Dr. Vanita Arora is the first female Cardiac Electrophysiologist in India and also a well-known and trusted name for treating heart ailments in Chandigarh. In her career spanning over two decades, Dr. Arora has been rewarded with various awards like ”Rising Star in Cardiology”, “Woman Doctor Entrepreneur of the year 2018”, “Chikitsa Ratan” along with several other outstanding achievements. Presently Dr. Arora is also the Director and Head of Cardiac Electrophysiology Lab and Arrhythmia Services at Max Hospital, Delhi.

Dr. Arora has been a distinguished faculty member in several national and reputed international societies such as HRS (Heart Rhythm Society) & APHRS (Asia Pacific Heart Rhythm Society). She is also the elected Secretary of IHRS (Indian Heart Rhythm Society).

Dr. Arora is a leader in providing her patients with the latest top-notch medical care and is now propagating newer technological innovations in the field of cardiac electrophysiology, for which she trained in Germany and the USA. Dr. Arora has been the first one in the Asia Pacific to do the Live Case of a leadless pacemaker at the TCT India conference in the year 2016. Being one of the best cardiologists in India, she works tirelessly towards her profession giving state of art patient care with excellence and utmost care.

With immense interest in Indian classical music, Dr. Arora is also a keen explorer and a vivid reader. Her passion and achievements do not just stop there, Dr. Arora is also a trained Indian classical dancer & a classical singer, she has an equal interest in sports as well, having led her college sports team as a captain. A woman with ambition and determination, the sky is the limit for her. Book an online appointment with the best cardiologist in Chandigarh. Why is Dr. Vanita Arora regarded as the best in Chandigarh when it comes to heart?


Dr Arora is a cardiac electrophysiologist who specializes in caring for heartbeat irregularities and provides expert opinion and advanced care. She has been at the top of her profession for more than two decades now.


Dr Arora is on board of high-profile medical facilities in India and regularly attends international conferences. She believes in implementing the latest devices, technology and treatment with efficiency, such as leadless pacemakers; His bundle pacing (HBP); and advanced treatments including catheter-based ablation procedures (a minimally invasive catheter based procedure to decrease the burden of arrhythmic disease) and lead extraction procedures.


Patients who have atrial fibrillation, the most common type of arrhythmia, can receive comprehensive, coordinated care and access to the latest treatments with the latest world-class 3D Mapping Ablation System.


Dr Arora delivers new therapies and the best possible treatment options with compassionate care to young patients.


Dr Arora is a pioneer to have started the technique in the country, CRT is used to treat people with advanced heart failure whose right and left ventricles are not contracting at the same time. A small device called a biventricular pacemaker is implanted in the chest, under the skin. The pacemaker sends electrical impulses to the heart muscle to match up the beating of both sides of the heart and improve the heart’s function.


ICD are small electronic devices placed in patients who are at risk of sudden cardiac failure due to ventricular tachycardia, ventricular fibrillation, a weakened or enlarged heart, congenital heart disease or a genetic health condition.

What Patients have to say about Dr Vanita Arora

Read patient stories who were operated by Dr. Vanita Arora, the best cardiologist in Chandigarh

Mr Rakesh Kumar Goel,
New Delhi (Patient)

I just wanted to share my experience with my cardiologist Dr Vanita Arora. I met her in the hospital in the year 2004 when I was admitted there with the symptoms of a heart problem. That time her diagnosis for me was accurate and I got an AICD implanted. Since then we are in touch with her. If I have to describe her then I can say she is an Excellent person in nature with the best efficiency in her profession. She believes more in natural ways than medicine and always tries to minimize medicine. She is an excellent councillor and by talking to her every time I get positive vibes which always improves the quality of life.

Kamna Dutta Modi,
Haryana (Patient Relative)

Dr Vanita is a wonderful person inside and out. She is an Excellent Heart Specialist. My Chachiji meets her quarterly for General checkups. She always comes back to us clear in her mind and heart. She always guides us honestly. God bless Dr Vanita with ever-growing success.

Final thoughts

Get your appointment with Dr. Vanita Arora today to get the best medical treatment and care of heart for yourself or your loved ones in Chandigarh.

OPD details

    Dr. Vanita Arora is Senior Consultant Cardiac Electrophysiologist & Interventional Cardiologist at Apollo Hospital, Delhi. She has been a successful Cardiologist in India for the last 28 years. She is a DNB Cardiology, MD - Medicine, M.B.B.S . You can visit her at Apollo Hospital, Delhi. To book an appointment online with Dr. Vanita Arora - the best cardiologist in India, please contact us.

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  • Mon, Wed, Fri: 12 NOON - 3 PM
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Unrestricted license to practice medicine anywhere in India. Registration No.15123 Delhi Medical Council, Delhi, lndia

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