Heart Patient Lifestyle Changes During Summer: What Cardiologist Says

Heart Patient Lifestyle Changes During Summer: What Cardiologist Says

dr vanita blog dateJune 02, 2022 | 3 minutes read time

Elderly patients with existing heart conditions must take special precautions to protect their heart health, insists the top cardiologist in India.

The human body has natural mechanisms in place to dissipate the extra heat. Our heart especially works a lot harder to cool the body via sweating. However, in heart patients’ special precautions need to be taken. Hence, Dr. Vanita recommends certain measures to maintain your heart health this summer.

  • 1. Don’t Skimp on Water:
    One of the reasons why cardiac events are more prevalent in summer is dehydration. As a result, the blood becomes more concentrated, which can further stress the endothelium – the lining of our blood vessels says the renowned cardiologist in India.

    It goes without saying – drink an ample amount of water. If you are a high-risk individual with conditions such as high cholesterol, hypertension, obesity, and diabetes, it becomes even more crucial. You can download a health app to track your water intake or set a reminder for every hour.

    As a general thumb rule, drink 1 litre per 20kgs of body weight. For instance, if you weigh 60kgs, your daily water intake should be at least 3 litres.But in case your heart function is compromised, then these values should be halved. A balance must be maintained.

  • 2. Limit Caffeine and Alcohol
    Both alcohol and caffeine are diuretics. It means that they promote loss of water through urine, explains the best heart doctor in Delhi NCR. Excessive consumption of these beverages irritates the heart further. Therefore, their intake must be limited during summers.

  • 3. Stay Inside
    If possible, try to stay indoors to protect your heart from the scorching sun. The peak sun hours are usually between 10 am to 4 pm. Get your exercise before you start feeling the heat or when the sun is about to set. This way you can still get the necessary vitamin D and yet avoid the extreme heat, is the advice of the top cardiologist in India.

    Remember to carry a water bottle at all times outside. You can also get a stationary bike or treadmill to do the work-out indoors.

  • 4. Take Timely Medications
    Heart patients must never miss medications at any time, but especially during the hotter temperatures, advises the best heart doctor in Delhi NCR. If you feel light-headed for any reason, always consult a cardiologist. It may as well be due to the heat. If BP is on lower side the doctor may alter certain medications if needed. Remember, never change any medications or the dosage without being prescribed to do so.

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