Is Smoking Increasing the Risk of Heart Attack in Young Women?

Is Smoking Increasing the Risk of Heart Attack in Young Women?

dr vanita blog date March 26, 2023 | 3 minutes read time

After the US, India currently has the second-highest proportion of female smokers worldwide claims a recent study released in a British Journal. If you smoke, you're probably aware that it's not good for your health. Yet you do it because it's fun and gives you a buzz. Cardiologist around the world warn that smoking is highly addictive and even if you want to, it's difficult to give up.

Regardless of why you like smoking, the truth remains that you are harming your health. In reality, cigarettes come with a warning label that reads: Warning: I may cause irritation, impatience, aggressiveness, anxiety, sadness, difficulty focusing, restlessness, reduced heart rate, hunger, or weight gain. That's only the beginning.

Nicotine affects the chemical equilibrium in your brain such that each time you inhale it, you feel relaxed, less anxious, and more energized. So, what happens when you try to reduce your intake daily quota of cigarettes? It makes you feel awful, causing headaches, tiredness, light-headedness, and an overall unpleasant mood. Is it any surprise that so many individuals develop addictions?

It's time to pay attention to your heart.

What exactly does smoking do to your body that puts you at risk for heart disease? Cardiologist warn that smoking doubles or quadruples your risk of heart disease and stroke. In addition, women who smoke have a 25% greater chance of acquiring heart disease than males who smoke. And continuing to smoke throughout your life reduces it by 13-14 years. Hence, contrary to popular assumption, smoking does not just increase the risk of lung cancer.

Here are some of the ways smoking harms your heart:

  • • Nicotine raises your heart rate and blood pressure.
  • • Tobacco and carbon monoxide deprive your heart, brain, and arteries of oxygen.
  • • It destroys blood arteries and makes blood sticky, which is a formula for blood clots.
  • • It reduces physical exercise tolerance and lowers HDL (good) cholesterol.

Using oral contraceptives raises your blood pressure and increases your risk of stroke and heart attack.

Smoking harms every tissue and organ in your body, according to experienced cardiologists who have seen many cases of smoking effects on human body. Your heart, lungs, tongue, throat, kidneys, cervix, and pancreas are among them. Non-smokers with high blood pressure or cholesterol are at an even higher risk of developing heart disease when exposed to second-hand smoke.

If that isn't enough, consider this: cigarettes contain 4,000 chemical components, at least 250 of which are hazardous to human health. We're talking about chemicals used in the production of rubber, the preservation of wood, the fabrication of batteries, the paving of driveways and roads, and the construction of nuclear reactors. It is what enters your body with each inhalation. Are you still astonished that it promotes heart disease?

Don’t worry there is still hope! The good news is that quitting smoking reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke by half and that to only in the very first year of quitting the but and continues to fall until it is as low as a non-smoker’s risk. It's time to fight for your health and the health of the women you care about. If you are worried about your smoking habit it is recommended to consult an experienced cardiologist who can advise on your heart’s health.

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