Top tips to keep your heart healthy this winter season

Top tips to keep your heart healthy this winter season

dr vanita blog date February 10, 2023 | 3 minutes read time

India is experiencing one of the coldest winters in recent times, especially in the northern part of India. With Delhi registering a temperature of as low as 1.9C many of the Indian states are gripped under the cold wave. The extreme cold weather can put your heart under additional stress which could lead to complications or heart failure. In this blog, we will discuss what happens to our heart in cold weather and tips to avoid any damage to the heart.

Cold temperatures can cause blood vessels to contract. This has the double side effect of decreasing blood flow to the body and increasing metabolic stress. It may also raise blood pressure levels. Both of these put undue strain on the heart. Cold-induced constriction of the coronary arteries worsens and raises the frequency of angina episodes. It is more difficult to maintain a healthy temperature in chilly weather because your body loses heat more quickly. The heart needs to pump more warm blood, which puts more stress on it.

In cold weather, if you experience any unusual stress or discomfort, particularly chest pain it is highly recommended to consult thebest cardiologist in Delhi NCR immediately and avoid putting any stress on the heart until you have been advised that you are not at risk of a heart attack. The most evident risk factor is a pre-existing cardiac ailment. 

Another factor that leads to heart attacks is age. It is more difficult for an elderly individual to remain warm in cold weather because the delayed metabolic reaction makes it difficult for warmth to move through the body. In such a case, the heart is under extra strain to pump more blood. Any disease or being in the recovery stage of a sickness indicates that the body is not as powerful as it should be. As a result, you are more vulnerable to infections. Some illnesses might add extra strain on the heart.

Top tips to keep your heart in good condition this winter by the best cardiologists in India

  • Avoid going out in the early mornings or late evenings when it is very cold and foggy. Wait for the bright sun and go for a walk mid-afternoon when the weather becomes a bit warm. Take adequate sun rays to keep your body warm naturally.
  • If you are not able to go out then you can complete your daily walking steps inside your house. Ensure to keep the indoor house temperature warm even in the bathroom so the body is not subject to dramatic temperature shifts.
  • Consume food that warms your body like have ginger in tea or warm water, and dry fruits such as walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts etc. 
  • Whenever you step out ensure you wear warm garments in layers, thermal wear which will keep your body warm and avoid getting cold inside your body.
  • Consume plenty of water. Cold temperatures can produce fast dehydration, putting the metabolic system under strain.
  • Avoid travelling from inside to outside too frequently. The abrupt temperature swings might strain your body and heart.

If you have a cardiac issue, see a heart specialist about the measures you should take in cold weather. Many people make the mistake of depending on internet information to deal with medical issues. This may be appropriate in the event of a cold or sore throat, but not in the case of a serious ailment such as a heart issue. Each situation and each patient are unique. Your situation may necessitate taking extra measures in certain parts of cold weather care, as well as focusing less on others. Only a cardiac expert will be able to provide you with the best guidance for preventing heart attacks in cold weather.

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