How to Improve Heart Health at 50

How to Improve Heart Health at 50

dr vanita blog dateJune 02, 2022 | 3 minutes read time

As we age, our muscles begin to lose their strength, and the heart is no exception. By the age of 60 and above, most men and women have some kind of heart disease. However, by denouncing a sedentary lifestyle, tracking your vitals, and taking care of your heart in general, you can prolong your life to a great extent.

Whether you’re 50 or above, it’s always a good time to start focusing on your heart health, says Dr. Vanita, the best cardiologist electrophysiologist in the country.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • 1. Track Your Weight:
    Obesity is one of the prime reasons behind Type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and several heart diseases. Tracking your weight as you age thus becomes incredibly important. Eating a balanced diet and remaining physically active is how you can maintain your body weight at 50 and beyond.

    As simple as it sounds, execution is the real challenge here, cautions the top heart specialist in South Delhi. At the age of 50, your metabolism starts to slow down and muscle mass begins to deteriorate. It means you need fewer calories but still nutrient-dense foods to maintain bone and muscle mass. Hence, Dr. Vanita recommends weighing yourself every morning before eating or drinking anything.

  • 2. Quit Smoking
    Cigarettes are the worst enemy of your heart health. The chemicals gradually destroy your blood vessels, increasing your chances of developing heart disease. If you think it’s too late to give up smoking at 50, Dr. Vanita has good news for you.

    You can always improve heart health by discarding cigarettes, no matter whether you are 50, 60, 70, or any age for that matter, the best cardiologist electrophysiologist in India strongly suggested. There are studies to support the fact. Don’t lose heart!

  • 3. Get Enough Exercise
    Even if you’ve had a sedentary lifestyle up until now, you’d be happy to know that studies have shown enough exercise can reverse an aging sedentary heart.

    What is ‘enough’ exercise?

    Researchers suggest 30-minute sessions for 4-5 days a week. It could be any kind of exercise, like cycling, walking, or sports says the best heart specialist in South Delhi. The thing is your heart doesn’t differentiate between an elliptical trainer and a brisk walk.

    It’s a muscle and it demands exercise. Hence, any exercise that gets you sweating and your heart pumping is great for improving heart health. If you have any concerns due to an underlying condition, you can always talk to Dr. Vanita.

  • Seek help right away, if you experience:
    • • Shortness of breath

    • • Chest pain and weakness

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