How to Improve Heart Health with Exercise

How to Improve Heart Health with Exercise

dr vanita blog dateMarch 25, 2022 | 3 minutes read time

Like every muscle in your body, your heart needs exercise too. Studies have shown that people who indulge in some form of exercise have less chance of developing a heat-related illness. But which forms of exercise are the best for improving heart health?

Dr. Vanita Arora advises the following exercises to improve heart health:

  • 1. Aerobic Exercise:
    What constitutes aerobic exercise? Biking, jogging, and running are all forms of aerobic exercises that cause your heart to beat harder. Also known as “cardio”, these aerobic exercises make you breathe harder and raise your heartbeat. Cardio is one of the best exercises you can do to improve heart health, confirms the top heart specialist in India..

    That said, if you have joint problems, choose a light cardio activity such as walking and swimming. It’s important to maintain consistency, not push yourself too hard. If you want more challenges, start slow, build up your strength, and keep moving a level up, recommends the best heart specialist doctor in Delhi.

  • 2. Weight Training
    If you wish to improve both your bone and muscle health, weight training is a perfect form of exercise. Some weight training exercises include pull-ups, push-ups, squats, etc. These days, you can order dumbbells and resistance bands online and start weight training and stretching at home, suggests the renowned heart specialist in Delhi.

    And if you can join the gym, you can use all sorts of equipment kettlebells, stability balls, weighted body bars, and more. Combined with aerobics, weight training will help your burn body fat and build your muscle mass, explains Dr. Vanita. Healthy body weight is key to a stronger heart.

  • 3. Interval Training: Imagine a sinusoidal wave. That is what interval training looks like – short bursts of intense exercise followed by slightly longer recovery periods. This is again followed by a high-intensity exercise and then recovery in alternate phases.

    Interval training (i.e., increase and decrease of your heart rate alternatively) allows blood vessels to function optimally, explains the leading heart specialist in India. Not to mention, you lose more calories that way.

    Let’s take an example. You can run for two minutes followed by a walk for four minutes, and so on. This is also great if you have just started and cannot run or jog at a stretch, suggests Dr. Vanita.

    These are the top three heart-boosting exercises recommended by the best cardiologist in the country. If you can manage to get even 30 minutes out of your schedule for any of these activities, it will pay you high dividends in the future.

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