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A consistently low heart rate of 60 bpm or less may indicate that the patient’s suffering from Bradycardia. Symptoms include trouble breathing during exercise, shortness of breath, confusion, dizziness or fainting, or feelings of weakness and exhaustion.

More severe symptoms may appear in the form of high/low blood pressure, chest pain, cardiac arrest, or heart failure.

What Causes Bradycardia?

Aging may cause it, says the best electrophysiologist in South Delhi. When you age, heart tissues may experience damage, eventually leading to Bradycardia. The condition may also occur due to tissue damage from a heart attack or heart disease.

Sometimes congenital heart defects (disorders present at birth) may also cause Bradycardia. It’s important to determine the cause to figure out the treatment route.

Can Dehydration Cause Palpitations?

Yes! When you’re severely dehydrated, your blood volume (amount of blood circulating) decreases. To compensate for that reduction in blood volume, your heart works harder, explains Dr. Vanita – the best electrophysiologist in South Delhi.

As a result, it beats faster, causing you to feel those palpitations. There’s still a dispute on how much water you should drink every day. But it’s safe to say that it’s important to drink at least one liter of water for every 20 kilograms of your body weight.

For example, if you weigh 60kgs, you should drink at least 3 liters of water every day. If your palpitations go away, dehydration was likely causing it.

When should you see a doctor?

If you’re experiencing severe symptoms (and have a low pulse), such as fainting and chest pain, it’s time to consult a doctor. Moreover, if there has been an unexplained change in your heart rate for the last several days, it’s imperative that you see a doctor and get checked for Bradycardia.

Can Bradycardia Be Treated?

Not all people with a slow heart rate need treatment. However, if that starts to cause serious health complications, that’s when medical intervention is needed. Generally, the artificial pacemaker implantation fixes Bradycardia, says the best electrophysiologist in South Delhi.

Depending on what’s causing Bradycardia, your doctor may also suggest:

  • • Regular monitoring of blood pressure or heart rate
  • • Major lifestyle changes, including smoking cessation, more exercise, and a low-fat diet
  • • Medication for metabolic disorders, such as thyroid
  • • Other medications for improving heart function

Where Can I Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Vanita? Treating the heart’s electrical conduction system is one of Dr. Vanita’s specialties. Throughout her career, she has healed countless patients suffering from heart rhythm disorder. If you’re experiencing abnormally low heart rhythms, you need to get a formal diagnosis for bradycardia so that your healing journey can finally begin.

Or if you’ve already been diagnosed, you may need further consultation about your condition. In either case, you can schedule an appointment with the best electrophysiologist in South Delhi. If you prefer an email, here’s her email address – or dial her number +91 98738 79994. If either of the ways doesn’t work for you, book an appointment on Dr. Vanita’s website instead.

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